Pro Asbestos Removal Sydney Services

Pro Asbestos Removal Sydney has been providing Asbestos removal services in Sydney for over ten years. The company offers comprehensive services that include the identifying of hazardous material, testing and safe removal of Asbestos Material. The company eradicates and provides solutions for the effective and safe removal of Asbestos in accordance to industry regulations.

About Asbestos

Asbestos is a dangerous material that can cause Cancer. It is found at construction sites and can be found in some homes that were built before 1990. The process of removing the hazardous material is intricate and requires in depth knowledge of what Asbestos is and how it should be dealt with to minimise further health risks. On its own, it is not illegal to using it or being exposed to it can cause health conditions in the long term. Australia is one of the first countries to make the dangers of Asbestos known but there are still areas where Asbestos is still a problem considering that it only became illegal to use in the construction industry in 2003.

Where Can You Find Asbestos?

Australia is one of the many countries that had Asbestos mines ready to supply the growing housing needs in the 1900’s. Asbestos has great binding properties which made it an ideal material to use in cement but mostly, Asbestos was used to make impervious roof cladding.

Besides roof cladding Asbestos was widely used as insulation material in a lot of industries and companies. Most of these companies have yet to replace the equipment they built year ago. It becomes a serious issue for companies when their conditions of employment are questioned and their use of what is now considered antiquated materials becomes evident.

Asbestos was also widely used in maritime vessels to insulate pipes and to act as seals in the doors to prevent the spread of fires. Most of this asbestos material would not last long without needing maintenance but most people would leave things along, especially if they pose no immediate threat. The problem with neglecting to maintain equipment is that it causes degradation that may not be visibly affecting anyone but could become a bigger problem.


Asbestos Removal

Many employers are ignorant of the dangerous and as such put their employees at risk. Some do so unknowingly because they occupy buildings that were built in the 80’s when Asbestos was not illegal in the construction industry. Pro Asbestos Removal Sydney seeks to not only provide safe removal of Asbestos, but the company has a vested interest in educating people about the dangers of this material.

Asbestos Testing

Pro Asbestos Removal Sydney has the expertise to measure or determine the levels of danger and provide an effective solution. It is not easy to detect asbestos with the naked eye nor is it easy to determine the level of contamination without using the expertise of someone with the right qualifications and experience that Pro Asbestos has. It is also hard to determine who will get lung cancer associated with Asbestos or how long it will take to show up but those who have been diagnosed with Asbestosis all attest to the fact that it is a painful condition to deal with.

Asbestos Disposal

Pro Asbestos Removal Sydney is fully licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency and we extend the service to our contractors by offering public liability insurance valued at $20 million. We are committed to safety and place a high price on customer satisfaction which is why we adhere to the Australian Standard Guidelines AS 1319 on the process of collecting and dumping Asbestos and the safe disposal in a New South Wales approved Disposal site.

Asbestos Site Demolition

We provide demolition services from sites that require it. First we deal with the Asbestos by stabilising it and ensure that the building is safely demolished. The rubble will then be safely removed.


We will initial inspect and then give you a report of our initial findings on Asbestos or traces of it that we find on site. Once that has been done we will give you a comprehensive quote that will outline our proposed approach and talk you through the various stages that need to be taken to remove and dispose of the Asbestos we find on your site. This will culminate in to a quotation that you will need to sign off on before further work is done on your premises.


We operate in the following areas:

  • Sydney South
  • Sydney North
  • Sydney East
  • Sydney West 
  • Central Sydney 
  • Northern Beaches 
  • North Shore Area
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Hills District

Pro Asbestos Removal Sydney offer reliable, prompt service by the most qualified team of people in the industry.