Asbestos Site Demolition

Domestic and Commercial Building Demolition In Sydney

We have a range of professional building and demolition contractors who have a wealth of experience in complete and partial site demolitions throughout the entire Sydney region.

Sometimes a building can so riddled with asbestos that a simple removal or restoration process is not enough. Additionally if your property is in bad condition or looking to a complete renovation then a demolition can be more cost effective. Such a situation calls for a professional site demolition; another of our services that makes us different. We have specialists who are licensed and qualified to carry-out site demolitions on both small domestic properties right through to large industrial buildings.

What Happens in Site Demolition?

First we make sure that any asbestos materials are removed or isolated from the premises before the demolition is carried out. This is in compliance with sections 452 and 453 of the WHS (Work Health and Safety) Regulations as outlined by the NSW Government. If certain Asbestos materials cannot be removed from the site, an emergency demolition occurs. If the property is structurally unsound, or if collapse of the structure is imminent then we will

Once eligibility for demolition is confirmed, an Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP) is prepared by our trained and licensed removals and demolition team. The area is secured, the appropriate agencies are informed, and the site is demolished. A clearance inspection is carried out and the disposal waste is then completed. Air monitoring also takes place during and following the demolition to ensure no asbestos fibers and dust contaminate the premises.


  • Complete Site Demolitions
  • Site Assessment 7 Action Plan
  • Air Monitoring
  • Site Cleanup
  • Clearance Certification


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  • Experienced Demolition Experts
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  • 10 Years Industry Knowledge
  • Public Liability Insurance $20 Million
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