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Testing and Analysis On Asbestos Samples

Asbestos testing is the first procedure undertaken if you suspect the material may be present in your property. Detecting asbestos early gives you the ability to start the appropriate plan of attack in managing any possible health risk. If the test results are positive then it is recommended to isolate the area until you can determine the best way to remove the material safely and securely without putting anyone at risk.

How Do I Test for Asbestos?

Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to detect asbestos presence with the naked eye. As a rule of thumb, specific materials used to build homes before 1989 in Australia may contain Asbestos, but, in order to be absolutely sure, you need to have a portion of the material in-question examined in an appropriate, asbestos testing laboratory setting. All of our samples are taken to a NATA accredited lab (National Association of Testing Authorities – http://www.nata.asn.au/) for an in-depth laboratory analysis. We have built strong relationships with a number of accredited labs in Sydney and can usually have your results back within 24 hours. Depending on the result we can then advise you on the best course of action and provide you with an affordable quote for removal and disposal.

How Do I Know if My Home Is at Risk?

Statistics suggest that, in Australia, more than 60% of the production and 90% of the consumption of asbestos fibers was in the industry of cement manufacturing.

Because of how cheap and durable these materials were in just the area of New South Wales after WWII Asbestos cement was used in the building of approximately 70,000 houses. Up until the 1960s, almost 25% of all new housing in Australia was doused in asbestos cement. The use of asbestos in Australian building materials has not happened since the late 1980’s. However products containing the mineral, were not officially banned in Australia until December, 2003.

If you live in a house that was renovated or constructed before 1990, it’s a possibility that it contains asbestos and you may need a professional consultation.

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